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The Time Shaker 5Q Wow features a super strong wired vibration shaker (which is placed under the pillow) so you can wake up on time without waking others in the room. Equipped with a Qi certified wireless charging platform as well as a USB charging port, which allows 2 devices to charge at the same time
•The iLuv Alarm Clock and Bed Shaker is the perfect companion to wake you up on time.
•Offers multiple alarm sources, including shaker, buzzer, or radio.
•Wired shaker provides strong vibration to wake anyone in deep sleep.
•Qi certified wireless charging pad charges any smart devices.
•Standard USB charging port to charge any of your smart devices.
•easy-to-read 1.2 inch white LED clock with 2-level dimmer or off option. •Includes, TimeShaker 5Q Wow (main unit), Wired Shaker, AC Adapter, User Manual
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